• Be a Zero Hero: How to Plan a Zero Waste Event

    Did you throw (or attend) an event with great compost and recycling? Tell us about it!  Tweet to @cswdvt   So, you’re throwing a party. Awesome! The weather is going to be great, everyone is going to get there on time, and your mother-in-law is even going to tell you what an incredible cook / joke teller / frisbee thrower you are. There will be laughter and fun and people … Continued

  • Big Impacts in Chittenden County School Outreach

    CSWD Milton Parks & Rec

    Our School Outreach Coordinator, Johnny P., left last week. Here’s a highlight some of Johnny’s great work in Chittenden County Schools last year at CSWD.

    In 2014, Johnny ran outreach programs with 51 pre-school & K-12 schools, and conducted more than 200 educational activies in total – reaching more than 18,000 people across Chittenden County! Johnny’s major goal this year was something he called “sustainable sustainability”…

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  • Citizen Advisory Committee meeting to discuss Consolidated Collection

    CSWD has formed a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to look in depth at consolidated collection and provide input to the CSWD Board of Commissioners. It is one of the ways the District is obtaining public input on this type of system.

    The goal for convening the CAC is to obtain recommendations on the following questions:

    • Should CSWD implement a consolidated collection system for residential trash and recycling in member municipalities that choose to participate?
    • Why or why not?

    Meets from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, July 31, August 14 & 28, and September 11.…Continued

CSWD Spotlight

Rover mobile hazardous waste unit accepting material.

The Rover Hazardous Waste Collections

The Rover is a-wandering through Chittenden County all summer and into the fall.

Visit the Rover page to see when CSWD’s mobile hazardous waste collection truck and the friendly Environmental Depot staff will visit your town.

Can’t make it to the Rover? The Environmental Depot is open all year ’round to Chittenden County residents and businesses.